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Research is integral

SANBS strives for excellence not only in the procurement, processing and issuing of blood products but also in teaching, training and research.

Research is an integral part of SANBS core business and underpins the excellence for which SANBS strives.

The collection, processing and testing of blood, as well as the issuing of blood products, provides multiple opportunities to pose research questions. The answers to these questions will ultimately contribute to the SANBS body of knowledge and improve service delivery.

SANBS research is conducted by many individuals within SANBS and between employees and third party collaborators. SANBS Management and staff are committed to conducting research aimed at improving the safety, quality and availability of the blood supply and the practice of transfusion medicine.

All research involving SANBS data and/or blood and blood products requires approval from the SANBS Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). To make applications to the SANBS HREC, please follow the instruction in the Information for Applicants 2023. pdf document. The instructions to submit a research application can be downloaded from the link below:

Principal Investigator instruction manual

The SANBS HREC system may be accessed by clicking on this link: HREC System