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Donor stories

Sibongeleni Hlongwane’s story

Sibongeleni Hlongwane, a 23-year-old from Pietermaritzburg, began his journey of blood donation at 17 while attending school. His commitment to donating blood is his way of giving back to society. He encourages fellow young individuals to explore the meaningful act of blood donation and participate in community blood drives.


Helen Nkomo’s story

Saving lives since the 1980s Helen is an extraordinary healthcare worker who has been saving lives for over four decades. In the 1980s, she received a life-saving blood transfusion during childbirth, which inspired her to become a dedicated blood donor herself. Her commitment to giving back has touched countless lives, making her a true representative of the many women behind the blood. #.

#WomenBehindTheBlood #WomensDay2023

Christiaan and Mlungisi’s story

Prepare to be inspired by Christiaan and Mlungisi, remarkable young men who continue their parent’s extraordinary legacy in blood donation. Having experienced the impact of this selfless act firsthand, they have taken up the responsibility to shape the future of blood donation, ensuring their parents’ legacy lives on. Their dedication is a beacon of hope, and we encourage you to join them in making a difference in securing a sustainable future for blood donation. Together, let us create a legacy that will transform lives for generations. #ItIsInYourHands #ThePeopleBehindTheBlood

Royson Naidoo story

In this incredible video, witness the extraordinary journey of Royson Naidoo, who has dedicated his life to donating blood and serving his community. Royson’s selflessness and unwavering commitment will inspire you to make a difference and save lives. Join us in celebrating Blood Donor Month by paying tribute to #ThePeopleBehindTheBlood..