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Gaz'Lam Amanda Black & Vusi Nova

On 14 June, the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) celebrated the globally recognised
World Blood Donor Day in style.

One of the highlights of the celebrations at the SANBS Headquarters, included a song launch and
spectacular performance featuring South African pop icons, Vusi Nova and Amanda Black.
The new single, titled Gaz’lam, celebrates blood donation in a unique and inspiring way.

“The song is indeed a special tribute to patients and emphasises the need for more people to donate
blood. By using music the message is amplified in a special way that is much more relatable to our
audience,” he adds.

We are particularly thrilled and happy about the fact that we are using our voices to get people talking
about real issues in our country. Issues that affect us all as a society. The shortage of blood is a serious
concern and we should all do something about it. I say, why not sing along whilst we do that?”

To download the Gaz’lam song simply go the links below.

Download the songGaz'Lam