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Corporate Governance

The South African National Blood Service is a non-profit organisation, which serves the public through services procured from the public. SANBS must therefore operate within a sound corporate governance framework in order to give all its stakeholders the assurance that the organisation is operated, managed and governed in a manner which is appropriate to a non-profit organisation.

The corporate governance landscape in South Africa has changed significantly during the past decade, as a result of corporate governance scandals in both the public and private domain. The result of these governance catastrophes was the publication of the Third King Report on Corporate Governance (King 3), in addition to the promulgation of the Companies Act of 2008.

When the 2001 King Report was issued, the SANBS Board recognised that various changes were required to the SANBS governance structure in order to comply with the report. These changes were implemented as appropriate. With the implementation of the King 3 Report and 2008 Companies Act, the SANBS Board must realise that corporate governance is a continuously evolving process. Therefore, the Board must be prepared to reassess its corporate governance framework on a regular basis, in order to take cognisance of changes to SANBS’ internal and external environment, as this will be the only way of ensuring that SANBS remains sustainable into the future.

SANBS has now embarked upon a process to ensure that it complies with:

  • The requirements of the Companies Act 2008
  • The requirements of the King 3 report
  • All relevant legislation, and
  • Appropriate codes of good practice

The Board recognises that any processes implemented must be flexible to ensure that SANBS is able to respond swiftly and appropriately to the challenges of the health services sector.

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