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Donor Wellness Support Programme

Annually, we celebrate #NationalBloodDonorMonth. Here, we discuss the importance of Blood Donor Health and how this keeps us donating and assisting our loved ones and fellow South Africans. Let’s stay #healthytogether and keep donating.

#WellnessWithSANBS #BloodDonorHealth

SANBS understands that health is wealth. We have launched a Donor Wellness Support Programme to assist, educate and empower you, our valuable donor. This programme will help you to maintain and improve your health and well-being.

Wellness is the active process of making healthy choices that promote optimal physical and mental health.

SANBS’ continues to fulfil its vision of being the cornerstone of healthcare in South Africa by giving the gift of life. As a donor-centric organisation, we endeavour to assist blood donors and South Africans in staying healthy by offering valuable tools and knowledge to empower you to make healthy lifestyle choices for meaningful and productive lives.

The Donor Wellness Support Programme is an ongoing information series delivered through wellness advice articles, commentary and videos that discuss health awareness, disease prevention and general topics such as gut health, mental health, prostate cancer, and many more. Working with experts in the respective fields, SANBS will offer sound health advice.

For more information on the SANBS Donor Wellness Support Programme, please follow us across our social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Let’s all stay #HealthyTogether!”