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Quali​​​ty Assurance (QA)

The quality assurance department ensures that all blood and blood components processed by SANBS comply with the required standards. This is achieved through a system by which products are tested while they are being manufactured, and also at the end of processing. Quality assurance ensures that all blood components and activities carried out by the SANBS meet required specifications.

Reducing unnecessary transfusions​​

The primary responsibility for ensuring appropriate clinical use of blood lies with clinicians. SANBS plays a key role in promoting effective transfusion practice by contributing to the development of a national policy and guidelines on clinical use of blood.


Safe blood starts with me​

SANBS staff members are responsible for recruiting and retaining regular, safe blood donors, who are essentially the lifeblood of our organisation. Strict procedures are in place to ensure that donors act responsibly when pledging their support by donating blood and that they are not donating blood to get a free HIV/AIDS test.

Blood donated by a volunteer donor is treated with utmost respect, as each unit of safe donated blood is invaluable to patients in dire need of this precious gift.