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Where would you get your blood from if we ran out?

If it weren’t for the SANBS, who knows what people would do to get blood when they needed it?  We created evocative scenarios where this alternative was crafted into reality. The public was confronted with the possibility of people selling blood on the streets.

Needless to say, the consumers were shocked by these situations and it really got them to think about what happens to blood after it is donated.

Some of the comments ranged from; “…I’m sure that it is not legalised that blood, or even tested!” to “…It’s an amazing fact to me that people are not willing to give blood even when it’s in need.”

The commercials challenged people’s perception of the need for regular donations and sparked an interest in the incredibly important role SANBS plays. When asked where blood comes from, one respondent replied: “…I don’t know. I’d never buy blood from a street vendor?” Another lady said “…it makes you realise the need for people to donate blood in South Africa.”

Every process in the journey of a unit of blood costs money and in order to sustain the quality of the service delivered, SANBS needs to support itself financially.

On a daily basis, social media is inundated with queries about the cost of blood. SANBS is a non-profit organisation and gets no funding or subsidies from government or private institutions. The money charged is for the services incurred in ensuring that safe and sufficient blood products are ultimately transfused to patients in need.

Chief Marketing Officer Silungile Mlambo says: “The SANBS uses state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment and technology. Furthermore, we employ over 2000 highly trained staff who all contribute to ensuring that the SANBS delivers on its promise to supply the products to people who are reliant on blood for their survival.”

In order for the national blood stock to remain stable, SANBS urges all blood donors to remember to donate on a regular basis and for people who have not yet donated, to sincerely consider give blood and save lives.  Most people can donate blood in South Africa, yet less than 1% of the population gives this precious gift.

To find out more about where you can donate blood, visit or call 0800 11 90 31.

Don’t let South Africa run out of safe blood. Donate today.

Your Blood Saves Lives.