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Thandeka gets to enjoy motherhood

Every time blood is donated it is tested and separated into its components, red blood cells, plasma and platelets. Each of these components is potentially given to patients with different conditions. The majority of the blood goes to hospitals to treat gynaecological conditions.

One such patient who received the blood, is Thandeka Monageng.

She received two units of blood which saved her life after she experienced complications during childbirth. Today, she is alive and well and enjoying spending time with her new baby boy Oresirelletse. Because of what we do, she can watch him learn to crawl, walk, be a great little brother to 2 year old Atlotlwe. What’s more, little Ore also shares his very special birthday (7 May) with his dad and Thandeka’s husband Keabetsoe.

Thandeka expressed her gratitude to blood donors and said, “The thought of my child growing up without a mother made me realise how grateful I am to have another chance at life. Blood donations also gave my husband a chance to have a wife and gave my sons a chance to enjoy their lives with their mum. So I’ll actually go all-out to encourage people to donate blood because of the positive impact they can make to our nation.”