Blood Cells

SANBS to digitise 30m blood donation records annually

Processing 800,000 blood donations a year creates quite a paper trail, and considering that lives are literally at stake, the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) is required to follow a rigorous process as documents flow through each phase – from donor, all the way to the patient who benefits from a blood donation. Massive […]

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Media Release: Missing types

Global call for blood donors of the future Blood services around the world join Missing Type campaign to reverse decline in new donors Survey reveals 30% drop in new donors across 21 countries last year compared to decade ago South African National Blood Service (SANBS) says new young donors are needed in South Africa Campaign […]

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Give a tomorrow

Just like a pen can’t keep writing without ink, we need blood to stay alive and healthy. If you donate blood today, you can give someone the chance to continue writing their life story. Every blood donation can save a life and give someone a tomorrow. Our featured stories were created with you in mind. […]

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Sit down to save lives

  Sit down to save lives   The aim of the chair activation is to make South Africans aware of the huge impact that their blood donation can have. In fact 1 pint of blood saves 3 lives. Our installation involved a chair that was connected to three empty blood bags shaped like people with […]

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Better gift challenge

It may be difficult to notice, with hyper-consumerism and over-commercialisation suffocating the Festive Season like an oil slick on the ocean, but the core of the holidays is still around philanthropy and charity – “Peace and goodwill to all men,” and such.  At some point during the holidays, we all take a moment to think […]

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