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Donor Committees

• Are you passionate about saving lives?
• Are you keen on being the ‘eyes and ears” of the Blood Service in your community?
• Have you got ideas about creating awareness about the importance of blood donation in your community?
• Are you willing to assist the Blood Service in overcoming blood shortages?

Then you should become a member of your Branch Donor Committee! Because every Branch Donor Committee plays an important role in the South African National Blood Service’s (SANBS) governance structure.

Committee member’s Roles and Responsibilities
• To facilitate the recruitment and retention of members.
• To elect and appoint Zone Donor Committee members from its voting members.
• To attend training sessions, meetings and represent the Committee at branch functions and activities – timeously.
• To make a positive contribution that enables the branch to meet its objectives and targets set by the Donor Relations and Marketing Divisions.
• To promote and abide by the Values, Strategies, Mission and Objectives of the SANBS.
• To maintain good relationships with SANBS staff at all times.

Committee Structure and membership
Each Branch Committee comprises no less than five and no more than fifteen voting members an addition to no more than five non-voting members – including the Branch Collections Manager and Donor Relations Practitioner.

The Branch Donor Committee Chairman and Deputy Chairman must be voting members. There is no membership time limit providing the member fulfils the requirements of:
• Being a donor within the branch territory between the ages of 16 and 70 years.
• Being a fit and proper person in terms of honesty, integrity, reputation and acting in the best interests of the SANBS.
• A Voting Member must maintain their donor status.

Prospective members will be considered during Annual General Meetings and at Donor Awards functions.

The Branch Committee meats at least four times a year and members will receive notice of the meeting, its agenda and other documentation.

There is no remuneration for attending Branch Donor Committee meetings or other functions. However, for attending approved meetings and functions, members will be refunded for travel costs and tolls fees when claimed on an official SANBS Claim Form which is signed by the Collections Manager and accompanied by proof of expenditure. Where a meeting or function is held in the evening and the return journey exceeds 100km from the member’s residence, accommodation will be provided.