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For Blood Donor Month, 3M Nexcare™ sticks with the SANBS

During June, National Blood Donor Month, the SANBS has partnered with 3M Nexcare™ to promote the importance of donating blood – and encourage pledges to give blood.

3M Nexcare’s support for the SANBS forms part of its annual Give campaign, an annual global initiative. The theme for this year’s campaign, the fourth, is “Give Where You Live”, highlighting the need for blood donation all over the world – not just in South Africa.

In support of the partnership, unique Nexcare™ Waterproof plasters will be given to South African donors at key locations across the country during Blood Donation Month.

In keeping with the theme for this year, each plaster handed out will celebrate famous landmarks and architecture from around the world.

Steve Hemmings, managing director of the South African subsidiary of 3M, says: “What 3M would like to do with the 3M Nexcare™ Give Campaign 2017 is to challenge companies to get their staff members, as well as their families, to participate, just as our staff members do annually.

“We’d also like to see new donors signing up and becoming part of the small army of regular donors who genuinely save lives.”