It’s not just blood. It’s saving a nation

Melinda Samuels, Margie Symons, Lizie Ngcobo’s four-year-old daughter Chloé, Roelof Badenhorst. Their names are not known to most South Africans, but they are testament to the power that we all hold in our hands … the ability to save a life. Melinda, Margie, Chloé and Roelof are among the hundreds of thousands of South Africans […]

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We’re jump-starting blood donation!

First they were bright pink, then they were camouflaged – and now they’re going to be blood red. Any guesses as to what they are, and why? If you figured out that we’re talking about funky car batteries, then you’ve got your finger on the pulse of South African marketing (or you’re a serious petrolhead). […]

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Give a tomorrow

Just like a pen can’t keep writing without ink, we need blood to stay alive and healthy. If you donate blood today, you can give someone the chance to continue writing their life story. Every blood donation can save a life and give someone a tomorrow. Our featured stories were created with you in mind. […]

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Better gift challenge

It may be difficult to notice, with hyper-consumerism and over-commercialisation suffocating the Festive Season like an oil slick on the ocean, but the core of the holidays is still around philanthropy and charity – “Peace and goodwill to all men,” and such.  At some point during the holidays, we all take a moment to think […]

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Donate a lifetime

Every year… Tens of thousands of South Africans make donations to the South African National Blood Services. Contrary to popular belief, however, these donors don’t just give us their blood. Selflessly, without praise or compensation, these remarkable human beings give so much more. They donate experiences, opportunities and potential. They donate blank pages on which […]

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