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We’re jump-starting blood donation!

First they were bright pink, then they were camouflaged – and now they’re going to be blood red. Any guesses as to what they are, and why?

If you figured out that we’re talking about funky car batteries, then you’ve got your finger on the pulse of South African marketing (or you’re a serious petrolhead).

We’re partnering with Willard Batteries, a leading producer of vehicle batteries, which is bringing a clever marketing campaign to bear on meeting our needs. But we need your support to make it a huge success.

Willard’s a company that is serious about supporting great causes, which makes it an ideal partner for us. Previously, in support of breast cancer awareness, it produced a limited edition range of pink batteries; then it did the same for saving our rhinos, with a camouflage battery.

And now it’s our turn, with the blood-red LifeSaver limited edition battery. Each battery sold will help to make people aware of the need for regular blood donation.

As many of you already know, each unit of donated blood can save three lives – but it can only be stored for 42 days. This means, simply, that donors need to roll up their sleeves for us on a regular basis, and we need to encourage more people to become donors.

We’ll be displaying the striking Willard LifeSaver batteries in our donation centres and other places where we interact with donors and potential donors, to drive awareness of the LifeSaver initiative.

And this is where the SANBS needs your help: we need you to tell people about the initiative, how Willard is supporting what we do, and how donors can make a difference by buying a LifeSaver battery, donating blood and encouraging others to do the same.

Together, we – the SANBS, Willard and you – can make an enormous contribution to jump-starting blood donation in South Africa!