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Give a tomorrow

Just like a pen can’t keep writing without ink, we need blood to stay alive and healthy.

If you donate blood today, you can give someone the chance to continue writing their life story. Every blood donation can save a life and give someone a tomorrow. Our featured stories were created with you in mind. Perhaps you or a loved one have been in a situation where you needed a blood transfusion to save your life.

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Owethu’s story

Thanks to our regular blood donors, many terminally ill patients get second chances to reach their potential. Blood transfusions are an essential element in most cancer treatments. Because the cancer itself, chemotherapy and radiation therapy can lower the person’s blood counts; we need enough blood stocks to ensure that the patients get the treatment they need.

Little miracles

It is a little-known fact that a large percentage of donated blood is essentially used in maternity wards when there is bleeding during or after delivery. In our little miracles story we see how an emergency blood transfusion saves two lives. Neonatal emergencies normally need whole-blood products. Most blood products only lasts for a short time, that’s why regular donations are so important.

Bon voyage and welcome back

It’s easy to take every hello and goodbye for granted. Thanks to your blood donations, more goodbyes are met with hellos. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye and, though you are not prepared for it, we are. Even though a small percentage of blood goes to trauma units around the country, every pint has the potential to save a life.


Mbali’s story

Mbali is a normal teenager, but she needs you to live every day.

Watch her story below.


Tebogo’s story

Tebogo has haemophilia and thanks to regular blood transfusions he can live every day to the fullest.

Watch his story below.

Mags and Jesse’s story

Meet Mags and Jesse. Jesse received a blood transfusion before she was even born.

Watch their story below.


Campaign posters

TV commercials

Radio commericals

Press release

Thirty minutes of your day spent donating blood can save up to three lives, now imagine if you donated three to four times a year; if your friends, family, everyone you know, donated every 56 days.

SANBS’ #giveatomorrow campaign, pro-actively, and beautifully, brought to life by the creative team at Base2 shows us that the single selfless act of blood donation gives someone a tomorrow.  Just like a pen can’t write without ink, we cannot complete our life stories without blood in our veins.

The three different TV ads show life experiences we normally take for granted, interrupted by trauma and resolved, happily, because of life-changing blood transfusions.  It was a tall order to fit a whole story into thirty seconds, but Justine Calverly from First Pencil’s exceptional directing cleverly resolved the task at hand. “Instead of big and complicated visual scenes we achieved this through powerful sound design and simple cinematography,” says Brenda Wilson, Producer at First Pencil.

Jacque Matthee, Base2 ECD says, “It’s not often that we get to work on a project that affords us the opportunity to feel like what we do for a living makes a real, palpable difference in peoples’ lives. Brands yes. Products yes. But actual impact, and actual betterment of the human experience was at the heart of this project. This is the most satisfying aspect of having been part of making this sensitive, poignant and meaningful piece of work.”

The three stories are also aimed at educating the public about where donated blood actually goes. We assume the bulk of it goes to trauma units, when actually that’s where the smallest percentage goes. The most donated blood goes to patients who need chronic treatment (cancer, haemophillia), scheduled surgeries and maternity wards. Less than 4% goes to trauma. These stories translated beautifully into disruptive radio ads.

“This is a special campaign. The team involved are some of the most creative people I have worked with in this industry, and it’s evident in the final product. Working on a campaign that has high emotional connections like this is great, but working on a campaign that might save peoples’ lives, is even better,” says Darren Kerr, Producer at 10th Street Media.

The team behind the campaign is David Blakey-Milner, Art Director and Lilian Strauss, Copywriter. “Such special projects don’t come around very often, we were very fortunate with a team of people, from client to crew, who put their hearts in this campaign, that started as a pro-active idea, to create something truly moving”, says the team.