Blood Safety



  • Blood is only collected from voluntary non-remunerated blood donors who lead safe lifestyles and meet the minimum criteria for donating blood.


  • Every single unit of donated blood is rigorously tested for transfusion-transmissible diseases, blood groups and compatibility to the patients who require transfusions and blood products.


  • While the testing takes place, the blood is processed into its constituent components; red blood cells, plasma and platelets and because of this, we say that a single blood donation can save up to three lives.
  • To ensure maximum safety, the collected blood goes through an antibody test as well as an Individual Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (ID NAT) which detects the presence of HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphilis.


  •  The SANBS was the first organisation in the country in the to introduce the revolutionary ID NAT, on a large scale, in 2005. Every unit of blood SANBS collects is tested, making the blood issued to patients among the safest globally.


  • SANBS is under constant pressure to deliver blood, other blood products and essential services for the likes of cancer patients, general surgery, women during childbirth and trauma patients. It is startling that while the majority of South Africans depend on the SANBS in times of need, less than one percent of the population currently donates blood. The service must collect approximately three thousand units of blood every day in order to meet the growing demand for this precious resource. To meet the challenge, the brand needs to be trusted and respected as an essential service for all.


  • Not only is the SANBS a leader in supply of safe and quality blood product, it also provides the medical industry with specialised products and services which sets it apart from many other blood services around the world.


  • Among many other services SANBS provides cryopreservation of stem cells and the company also participates in the international register of rare blood groups.


  • Furthermore, the SANBS is an African leader in providing Specialised Therapeutic Services to transplant patients, the creation of eye serums as well as the production of immunoglobulins which are administered to patients who have been exposed to diseases such as rabies, hepatitis B and shingles. The plasma component of the blood is also used to create pharmaceutical products for the treatment of haemophilia, cancer patients and burn victims